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So kind of bad guy

Friend's cousin is a taxi driver.
Unfortunately, the day she was abducted four powerful gangster to a desolate, remote place. Winter, night contrast of the enemy forces, critical situations can be imagined.
Friend's cousin while slowly and deal with criminals, while thinking of escape.
Money, jewelry, mobile phones have taken the initiative to pay out, the criminals did not put men. She had to have patience, and criminals speak, then inside, then outside, overtly or covertly, expressed their behavior is understood that these criminals finally moved compassion, pushed her off, and before leaving said:
"Quickly found a place to call and let the family to pick you up, do not freeze to death the middle of the night!" Criminals gone, friends cousin go very far, only to find a small village.
Finally rescued!
Every time a friend's cousin talking about it, and finally to a total not forget:
"There is also this kind of bad guys ah!" Sounds really awkward.
Coincidentally, also highway robbery, but also stole the car, the criminals abducted wells into just a room, stripped of his coat, hands and feet tied, Mongolian eyes closed the mouth, and finally even to the shoes off, I do not know I threw somewhere!
Take the time to warn that criminals abducted:
"You must not act rashly, because you are behind wells!"
Finally abductees rescued is how I have forgotten, just remember that whenever talk about this, his mother will always be very grateful to say:
"There is still more than good ah! Car did not even, what someone will be there! Had the man leaving a word of warning, my son, which still survive ah!"
Yes ah, people in the world! A person is one of the world ah! True to the life and death, when money and was then what?
'Man's nature is good', I believe that everyone is good, I also firmly believe that it is not compelling, nobody willingly steal, rob ... ... say Shangshi present and no injustice Wu Chou, once the property succeed, who could not bear to hurt people's lives! Our forefathers 'Goodfellas', that's all.
Because these small move, let these hateful robber, also had some good points!
The day before yesterday I heard a better laugh. An old married couple raising a flock of sheep. Night came four criminals, watching two old married couple, two sheep fitted to the car. Finally the old woman pleaded:
"You left us a lamb it! Immediately spring up ... ..."
"Farewell aunt, your ladyship such a great age, the future would not have sheep, lest we dwell too."
In this way, the gangsters sped away, leaving the couple 'cry. While the old man to the woman weeping, while saying:
"You cry Shaya, they said, we're old and can not be a sheep!" The old lady said: "! I was crying this world, why there is such a good bad guy ah"
... ..
Yes ah, how in the world there is such a good villain ah!
Some people say that life is like an onion, a piece of peel, there is always a spicy too make you cry! I said, life is like singing, each character has his particular mission! Good good, Dairen worth mentioning, the lack of which role, this world can not be perfect!