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Often looked down at

People usually see the world, it can be divided into bottom, head, looking down at three.
Head is the most normal and most comfortable vision, from the bottom to the calm sense of balance, contains a mature and confident, reasonable manner, not rash, steadily forward in favor, not easy wrestling accident. Looking up, it is to look than our big vision angle of people and things, the so-called Gaoshanyangzhi. Often looking up from the benefits, let us know Behind the people beyond, learn by example, there are more than a benchmark, not like frogs, arrogant; side effects from the point of view, looking up for a long time, not only neck pain, but also they tend to let's heart inferiority, feel very small, everything is as good as people everywhere, always in a depressed state.
A plan, "list of small hills", the term is less than the angle of vision of our people and objects. Some achievements as we, as we known, social status inferior to us, then, when they turned, eyes can not help with contempt, snobbish have mercy. Most of the time, we often ignore them, they turned a blind eye, because we envy successful people have been staring at those higher than us, busy and those wealthy celebrities relatively low, sad to see jealous, than exhausted.
From the point of view of natural law, in general, young people like to look up, "juvenile mind when Na Yun" in their eyes, can see the few people, only those prominent masters giant will enter their field of vision . Liu Qin Shi Huang like to see, and say, "as if it was a real man," Xiang Yu also cattle than he:. "He may be replaced by" middle-aged people, peace of mind, the edge of convergence, but also troubled world is not easy to know, it will gradually vision flat, unhurried walk on the road and methodically toward their goals. After entering an old, weather-beaten, reading countless people, "used to see the Moon spring", it is no longer obsessed with fame, entertainment, plus the waist bent, back bent, blurred vision, naturally unnatural to put a plan as a habit .
Of course, vary, and some people spend their lives looking up, his life aiming higher goals. He may live very pomp, very bright, but certainly live very tired, very short, and simply give one rattling, but no time to browse scenery, enjoy life, in fact, his entire life is also very wronged. So, when we look up very tired, you may wish to look at the bow, look at those people who live in the bottom of society, although they and we are the same, but less educated than we are, less than our income, our house is smaller than , as we decent work, social status inferior to us, eternal silence, in front of them, we often have a sense of superiority, it is usually somewhat dismissive, rarely glanced their eyes.
In fact, their survival wisdom and social value is not lower than ours, and their contribution is not less than our labor, we do not have any lofty pride reasons. Moreover, often in contact with them, there will be unexpected gains. If a white-collar workplace, when fighting was devastated, cut-throat competition in the market too, the use of breathing occasion, looked down at the street cobbler, repair people, a small street peddler, scavengers Han, you will I feel, even if you passed on ten steps, paces, than his high standard of living, why should go for those worldly possessions exhilaration win it?
By extension, a poor career officials are not to scale new heights and distress, we might look down at people under the days of them sit at home and listen to what they have difficulties, what to expect; a money making pain in the hand still make more money and anxiety boss, also condescended to men employees sit at home and see what they are thinking, why he le; a battle plan for the development of the brains of General, it might sneak into the big tent where soldiers around, listen to their ideas and suggestions, will be a worthwhile trip. Often looked down, that we could change ideas, it may make us impetuous soul to be comforted, we will be cooled fanatical desire to become a normal human psychology, rather than a money machine, a workplace madman, currying ordinary believers.
Often looked down, the rest is to relax, is also charged under reduced pressure, there really is the wise move.